What payment method to choose for betting?

Hello to all fans of football and bettors of football matches,
Have you ever made deposits or withdrawals from sports betting? If you answer is “YES,” then you will know that most bookmakers, especially large brands, have a great choice of options available. Bettors of different sport events can use credit or debit cards, prepaid cards, bank transfers to make their transaction.
After reviewing various bookie reviews and analyzes and make decision where to register, you should do your first step. You fill in the personal data correctly and here comes the payment method option.

Which payment method to choose for online bets?

The above mentioned methods are many and different, each has advantages and disadvantages, but it is good that there are many deposit and withdrawal options. Let everyone choose the right one for him. We can tell you that some of the most popular of them are:
– Skrill
– Neteller
– Visa Debit Card
– Visa Credit Card
– Mastercard Debit Card
– Mastercard Credit Card
– Maestro
– Bank Transfer
These are more commonly used methods of depositing and withdrawing to and from bookmakers, but that does not mean they are the only ones. Let’s list more popular money transfer options used for sports betting companies all over the world:

Lists of other payment methods used in bookies:

Paypal, EcoPayz, Click and Buy, Giropay, iDebit, Moneta Poli, Sofort, Webmoney, Euteller iDeal and more.
Interesting options are prepaid cards, and you can get cards, that are accepted by bookmakers. However, before you do, please read carefully whether they are accepted by your favorite bookmakers or ask by phone or chat: Entropay, Paysafecard, Ukash, Astropay, Postepay, ToditoCash.
You see what a variety of payment methods and options you have, but here let’s add something very important: The main thing is to win, and withdrawing your winnings will be fun to you with all the payment options.

Bitcoin payment method by bookmakers

Recently, Bitcoin is rapidly gaining momentum. Bitcoin payment is an alternative payment method used for betting deposits and withdrawals. There are already bookmakers adopting the digital currency, although they are not very common. Perhaps in the future, more and more bookmakers will also use this type of deposit and withdrawals, namely with Bitcoins. Now in August 2017, there was record of near 4000$ per one Bitcoin.
Transaction methods are many, but most of them have different terms, such bonus promotions in different bookies. With some bonuses and promotions, not every form of payment is eligible for these bonuses, so if you apply for an initial bonus or cashback bonus or other bonus, please Read carefully whether the choice of the deposit method meets the promotion. Some methods provide immediate deposits, and others may take hours or days. As a matter of fact, card deposits are in minutes, also Neteller and Skrill. This is also true of other well-known deposit methods in bookmakers. Paypal also are very quick, but not much bookies used Paypal for betting deposits. Read the terms carefully. We wish you success and luck, pleasant moments with online bets.


Simple Tips to Get Better at Betting

Those who watch and follow football make better punters than those who don’t watch football at all, but the knowledge that you have acquired from watching football doesn’t always translate into success at betting.

There are several reasons for this, but if you pay more attention and apply the following tips you will be able to improve your betting score.

Punters Often Underestimate Certain Statistical Categories

Most people only check the standings table and perhaps that average number of goals that each of the teams score. However, there are other things that also should be considered. That a team has a higher position on the table doesn’t always mean that they should be considered to be favourites for the particular match.

Similarly, the ‘big clubs’ aren’t always favourites against smaller clubs. For example, if a particular player has scored the winning goals for a team in the past two meetings against the same opponent and he is absent due to injury, the team’s chances of winning may not be as high as you think even if they’re considered to be the favourite.

Here’s another example – during the 2016/17 season Liverpool were brilliant against the ‘big clubs’ and they didn’t suffer any defeat at the hands of the top 6 clubs, but they lost a lot of points against weaker clubs, even those that ended up being relegated or were in lower part of the table.

Shop for Odds and Claim Bonuses

There are numerous bookmakers online, it is not always easy to say which operator offers better odds, but you can always check which one offers better odds for a particular selection, or an accumulator bet. Always look around and aim to place your bet with the bookie that offers the best odds for that particular bet. Sure, that will not have an impact on whether you’re going to win or not, but why wouldn’t you try to win more if you could.

And it’s not just the odds. Betting operators often offer their customers various promotions and bonuses. Always check if you can claim a bonus and get to bet with free money.

Bet on Less Popular Matches

Sometimes it is wise to stay away from the most popular matches and competitions. They always attract a lot of interest, so bookmakers can be a bit weary when it comes to setting and adjusting the odds. If you bet on lower-league matches or friendly, you can get a lot more favourable odds.

Moreover, if you learn that a key player will miss the match, or that one of the managers intends on resting some of his regular players, you might still manage to place the wager at more favourable odds, as the bookies don’t change the odds that expediently when the match isn’t that popular or important.

Another good tip is to stay away from the team you support. We all tend to be biased towards our clubs and we hate to bet on them losing, even when everything suggests that they will.



World Cup 2018 is one of the best soccer picks for today

While the big euphoria after Real Madrid’s world record break in the most prestige football league has been slowly displaced by the news, Ronaldo got twins from a surrogate mother, and he’s waiting for a tax court verdict the next big football event is trying to become today’s current hot news. The upcoming World Cup 2018 in Russia is definitely am event every football lover is waiting for, but not only…It is also the betting community that puts all of its hopes and latest bets in. By all means and according to the experts, World Cup 2018 is one of the best soccer picks for today!

Most of the existing betting websites have already updated their football section with some truly attractive odds and bets for the World Cup 2018. Even though the qualifications are still on and there are hypothetic chances for some countries being called losers, but yet to get in the cherished groups, we can see favourites for the event, too. On the other side, pros in football betting believe that some World Cup 2018 soccer picks for today might become chances to win a lot tomorrow. Countries like Congo, Thailand, Guinea and Gabon, for instance, are bound with incredible bets few people will risk with. However, the golden mean that mixes Latin chance for a win (Paraguay, for instance – why not?) with a fine odd seems quite challenging, too!

In all cases, as a football betting fan, you are also free to choose from more interesting bets excluding the considerations who’s going to hold the Cup in the end. Why not place a bet for the correct minute of the first goal to be scored? Such bets are some of the best soccer picks for today as the program of the event is not settled yet. This means the chances to guess are less, e.g. the odds are fine enough to give them a try.

You can scroll your most favourite sports betting websites to see what options for the World Cup 2018 in Russia they offer. It is for sure that prognosis for such bets requires more knowledge and considerations. However, the eventual outcome is by all means worth it. On the other side, tipsters and websites with free or paid football betting tips have been already started working hard for the upcoming event. You can find a large abundance of tips and tipsters considering World Cup 2018 in Russia. They will help you adjust your own forecasts with the historical and statistics chances for a certain team or footballer to make a huge statement during the event.

World Cup 2018 in Russia is definitely the event all betting lovers are expecting with huge thrill. And even though it is 2017 yet, the championship is one of the best soccer picks for today. For those, who are about to start it earlier and to make some bets in advance, we wish lots of luck and clear mind to think every chance and prognosis out!